I offer individual sessions and mental training for athletes, coaches, parents, managers, executives and other people, that want to improve their performance. I am doing workshops, lectures and group trainings as well. My services are designed for individual and group clients striving for supporting their performance and feelings of fulfillment and joy from activity. Individual sessions are held personally or via skype. Is it also possible to consult via phone or e-mail.
Program of Individual Mental Preparation (PIMP) 
Services for athletes:
Individual sessions, mental trainings, consultation and assistance in training process and competition. Psychological analysis of training and competition behavior.
Services for teams:
Group sessions, workshops, trainings and lectures. Work on improving group effectiveness and performance.
Services for coaches:
Individual sessions, mental trainings, analysis of training and competition behavior of players and teams. Psychological analysis of coaching behavior. Workshops and trainings for coaches. Personal coaching.
Services for managers and executives:
Personal coaching, individual sessions, mental trainings, workshops and trainings focusing on improving psychological skills leaders and the teams.
Other services:
Lectures and workshops according to needs of a client.