My name is Peter Kuračka and I help athletes, teams, coaches and other people to optimize performance and reach their potential. I was a professional soccer player and during my career I was very interested in mental game of sport performance. I studied psychology in Brno and in Nitra and step by step I started to dedicate my time and energy to sport psychology. Today I have my own business; I work as a sport psychologist and coach. My clients are individuals, teams to organizations from sport as well as from non-sport environment. In sport I work with athletes and coaches in soccer, ice hockey, tennis, table tennis, basketball, figure skating, swimming, shooting, archery, skittles, boxing, wrestling and show jumping. I am a certified coach - ACC (Associated Certified Coach) in ICF and EPC (Erickson Professional Coach). I am a member of SAKO - Slovak Coach Association and of ENYSSP - Eurpean Network of Young Specialist in Sport Psychology. I love coaching and sport psychology, it is my job, my joy and my passion. I want to continually improve my ability to help people in reaching their potential and experiencing more pleasure and joy. 

Sport psychologist in charge of psychological skills training of U14-U19 teams in football club FK Senica.
Sport psychologist for Slovak Paralympionic Committee
Sport psychologist in charge of psychological skills training of Slovak national team of disabled table tenis players
Lecturing for Slovak Olympic Comittee
Lecturing for Slovak Football Association (SFZ)
Cooperation with clubs and organizations:
FK Senica
FC Spartak Trnava
FO ŽP ŠPORT Podbrezová
FC Nitra
Sporting Club Puchov
Box Club Nitra
Organizing workshop for enhancing and optimizing performance
Organizing beneficial football game professional players from Fortuna liga vs. children from Foster home Žitavce

1996-2000: University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Commerce, master´s degree
2005-2008: Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Social Studies, bachelor´s degree in psychology and sociology
2009-2011: Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, master´s degree in psychology

Courses and Conferences:
2008: Participation in Conference XXVI. Psychological days „Já & my a oni“ in Olomouc with abstract Relationship between achievement motivation and personality traits within the „Big Five“ model. 
2012: Workshop Work with emotions in counselling, coaching and therapeutic process 
2012-2013: Coaching license EURO „A“ – football coach
2013: Calsouthern University, course Applied sport psychology 
2014: Member of ENYSSP 
2014: 10th ENYSSP Workshop: Sport psychology in youth development
2014: Workshop Mindfullness approaches in Cognitive behavioral therapy 
2015: 11th ENYSSP Workshop: Transition, motivation and emotion: connecting, perspectives in sport psychology
2015: Conference Psychology of Sport in Praxis 2015 or Different Perspective
2015-2016: Coaching training in Erickson Coaching International: The Arts & Science of Coaching 
2016: Member of SAKO - Slovak Coach Association
2016: EPC - Erickson Professional Coach
2016: In the process of credentialing in ICF - International Coaching Federation as a ACC (Associated Certified Coach)
Football player career:
1998 - 2002:   Spartak Myjava/MFK Turá Lúka
2003 - 2006:   Tatran Prachatice (CZE)
2007 - 2011:   FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce
2012, 2014:    Spartak Trnava
2012 - 2013:   Spartak Myjava
2014 - 2015:   Veľký Meder
2015:             Asko Stoob (AUS)

Winner of Slovak Cup 2006/07
Participating in UEFA Cup 2007/08
Captain of the team FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce
2nd place in the 1st league in Slovakia (Spartak Trnava 2011/12) 
3rd place in the 1st league in Slovakia (Spartak Trnava 2013/14)
4th place in the 1st league in Slovakia (Spartak Myjava 2012/13)